Holbox... You didn't hear about it here

Residents of Holbox don't like talking about Holbox. So, if anyone asks, you didn't hear about it from us.

UKIYO Silver jewellery : Holbox, Mexico

Situated in the Yucatán peninsula (but in the state of Quintana Roo), Isla Holbox is the halcyon equivalent of the now Starbucks tainted, Instagrammer haven that is Tulum. However, despite being a 2 hour drive and 20 minute boat trip from Cancun, Holbox is now at a tourist tipping point.

Wanderlusters in the know are heading to this flamingo laden, endangered whale shark paradise of an island to enjoy the azure waters, absence of cars, and lack of high rise resorts - for now, at least.

This beautiful island, with it's boutique hotels, handful of restaurants, and ecological reserve, also boasts a thriving art scene. Last year, the International Public Arts festival saw 20 artists transform the island, and their colourful murals remain, adding to the stimulation of senses that surrounds you.

So kick off your shoes, grab your snorkel, and prepare to re-awaken your senses. Swim with turtles, kayak with flamingos, and delight in the freshest Mexican food. But remember, don't leave a trace, and don't tell anyone you heard about it here. It's our little secret... OK?

UKIYO Silver jewellery : Holbox, Mexico