Good times... At the freehand Miami

Yes, it's a hostel... But not as you know it. The Freehand, Miami, is an old 1930's hotel (the Indian Creek Hotel) renovated into a trendy, "handcrafted" urban oasis, tucked away a few blocks from the busy South Beach strip. 

UKIYO Silver jewellery : The Freehand, Miami

What made this place so special though, was the cocktail bar (The Broken Shaker), the food (at 27), and the beautiful courtyard garden and pool. All topped off by a cool, casual, friendly crowd and welcoming staff without the slightest hint of attitude. 

Don't know what cocktail you want? Just tell the bar staff what mood you're. I guarantee they'll get it spot on. Or, go for the daily punch bowl. Then kick back in the garden, sip on your herb infused cocktail, make some new friends, partake in a game of Jenga or two, and contemplate your dinner just the other side of the pool. 

UKIYO Silver jewellery : The Freehand, Miami

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