Moonstone... For love, healing & luck

For thousands of years, Moonstone has been used in jewellery, and has long been connected with the magic of the Moon. As the Moon creates the tides and rhythms of the Earth we inhabit, influencing our behaviour and emotions, so does the powerful Moonstone, helping us to come closer to the natural rhythms of life.

Over the years, Moonstone has had significance across continents and cultures. In India, it is a powerful symbol of love, in Europe it has been used to cure sleeplessness and reunite lovers, across the world it is also known as the "Traveller's Stone" used for protection, especially at night.

For healing, Moonstone is used to bring the body back into a normal rhythm. Because of this, it is used to relieve stress and insomnia, calming and soothing the body and mind. It is also associated with women, due to it's connection with the cycles of the Earth and Moon.

Moonstone jewellery is thought to be the most powerful when given to a lover during a full moon.

Taito Moonstone Silver Ring

Energies: Healing, Love, Luck

Zodiac: Cancer

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